Monday Motivation

I came across this quote today and it really touched my heart….

“A creative man is motivated by the desire to achieve, not by the desire to beat others.” – Ayn Rand

I couldn’t help but think about how so many athletes competing in the Crossfit Open lose site of this. We all get caught up in the “number game” and focus more on how other people score/finish vs how we finish. I have a handful of clients that I work with and half of them will text me as soon as they finish saying “so and so beat me”….. I wish I could reach through my phone and 1.) Slap them…. and 2.) Shake them!!! It DOESN’T matter if the President beat you… We are competing in the Open for ourselves not for John Smith or Jill Smith…. Just for YOU! A few years ago I was in that same boat. I would complete the workout and instantly jump on the leaderboard and scroll through all the posted results. I remember thinking to myself “Gosh Dang it… She beat me… How am I going to beat her?!”. I would even look for results via social media posts or contact friends and ask them their scores and if they heard of any other scores. I was focused on beating OTHERS vs being motivated to beat myself. Beating myself in the gym every single day to achieve the goals I have….. It’s a stressful game to play. Reloading the leaderboard every hour or so, waiting around for someone in my Region to post their score, focusing on numbers and not focusing on what I need to do to be a better athlete. Why do we let ourselves to become so fixated on “scores” when that is something we CLEARLY can NOT control. I mean, it would be pretty awesome if we could ūüėČ

My advice for you —> IGNORE the numbers…. Never FOCUS on numbers… Whether it’s the number on the Leaderboard, the numbers on the scale, the number on the bar, or the number at the end of any workout. Focus on what you need to do in order to achieve your goals :) Focus your efforts on becoming better than yesterday :) Pay attention on ways you can become a BETTER YOU!!!

Lets ENJOY the rest of the OPEN season by having FUN and focusing on US :) Enjoy guys!


Big D


Tuesday 3/1/16

Holy Smokes… It’s already March?! This year is already flying by… Which, I’m not going to complain about. I’m not going to lie, I was pretty nervous to make my post last night. It was hard for me to somewhat open up about stress and how poorly I reacted to it. I quickly forgot about that hesitation when I woke up to all the positive messages and replies I received. You guys are so awesome! I am extremely fortunate to have such a strong and powerful following. You guys use me as motivation exactly the same way I use you guys to push me. From the bottom of my heart, THANK YOU :) Now…. On to today’s thoughts…

Like I mentioned above, I received some truly amazing messages this morning and it instantly put a little more pep in my step. I woke up feeling STRONG and CONFIDENT, which hasn’t been my typical morning lately. To wake up feeling motivated to hit the gym was something I’ve missed so much. I steamrolled that feeling right in to the gym… I felt PR’s for days, I told myself, YEAH today I’m lifting all the weights and making all the gains. When I started to train, my body didn’t agree with my mindset. Of course, mentally I feel solid, but physically I felt like a bag of trash. So, I took a step back and told myself there is no need to get upset,angry, or frustrated. I just packed up my bag and decided I could finish today’s training in the afternoon. Which is exactly what I did :) The old me would have thrown a HUGE temper tantrum… I’m slowly learning that some things just aren’t worth my time of getting upset over, having a bad workout isn’t one of them, especially since I had the chance to get back to the gym later in the day. I’m not 100% sure where I am going with this “rant”, but I guess it felt good that I was able to control my emotions. Not getting worked up over something I really couldn’t control. My body wasn’t feeling it, ok, so I listened. I will live to see another day :) My advice to you is don’t let yourself get caught up in the number game. This time of year everyone likes to compare their score to everyone elses… Why? Aren’t you competing for yourself? You’re not competing for Joe Smith… Don’t get caught up in the number game. Just enjoy whatever it is the day brings you :) Whether you completely crush it in the gym or just have miss after miss… ENJOY the journey because its a long one we are on!

On a side note… ¬†Do you guys want me to talk about my daily workouts? My daily food intake? What all do you guys want to hear from me?! Help me spill the beans. You can leave a reply on here or message me on Facebook at Danielle Sidell -OR- on Instagram at Dani_Sidell

As always, Dare to Dream and believe in yourself!

xoxo Dani



Wow… After taking almost a year off of BLOGGING on here I decided to bring it back. I¬†have¬†always loved writing down my random daily thoughts, even if no one else reads them. It’s always comforting to vent about my day. Especially TODAY! I’ll save you guys a long and miserable sob story and just say this… The past 2 months have been a wild rollercoaster for me and for the first time in 27 years I was hit with “real life” like a ton of bricks. I actually contemplated the idea of not competing in this years Crossfit Open/Regionals/Games…. I was taking a ton of time off from the gym, feeling down, unmotivated and angry….

Crossfit has given me a very unexpected gift. Something that I am just now starting to understand and appreciate. Crossfit has prepared me for line in more ways than I thought possible. Over the past 3 years of competing in Crossfit, I have made huge life decisions. I got my Master’s degree in Exercise Physiology, I bought a house, I joined the United States Army, I got engaged, I decided to go BACK to school, I called off my engagement, moved to California, moved back to Ohio, and now I am here. I’ve made some small decisions in the between those “big” ones that really helped shape the path that I am on today. Lets rewind a few years…. Back in 2012, shortly after graduating with my Master’s Degree… Most people would have been exited that they just graduated and were heading to their dream job, I found myself unfulfilled. Something was missing and I couldn’t figure out what it was. I knew I was meant to be doing something more than just working a typical 9-5 job. I did some research and came across the Ohio Army National Guard. I met with a recruiter to gather more information and asked a billion more questions. Without a doubt in my mind I took the oath to serve my county and it has been a blessing ever sense. Although, it has caused some heartache and stress, I am very proud of the decision I made and would do it all over again if I had the chance. This is also where Crossfit has given me the upper hand. I went in to Basic Training and Advanced Individual Training five steps a head of everyone else because of my physical and mental strengths. I ended up setting records and graduating with honors and getting the opportunity to meet some highly respected Sergeants and Officers along my Military journey. At the time I didn’t think Crossfit had anything to do with my accomplishments, I thought maybe my battle buddies were just lazy and didn’t try as hard as I did. That little rant is done with. So, lets jump forward to more recent times. Last year I had to¬†sit out due to the Police Academy and conflict of the class schedule. Which, at the time I was upset, but knew it was the best decision for my future and career path. Skipping a head to today and where I am at now… Well, that’s where I can really thank Crossfit. Up until a a couple weeks I felt that everything that could go wrong did or was going wrong. I would take 1 step forward and instantly took 5 giant steps backwards. I found myself taking multiple days off in a row because I couldn’t mentally focus or handle all the outside distractions in my life. I couldn’t snap out of it. I was allowing myself to get lost in stupid negative thoughts instead of focusing on the positive ones. The way I see it is that Crossfit has been one of the few stable things I’ve committed myself to. Crossfit has always been there for me. It helped me get through a lot of good times and a lot of tough times. It helped me get through a painful loss of something I never knew I wanted, it helped give me confidence when I thought I lost it… Crossfit has always been there for me, so why on EARTH would I not compete this year?! Why would I let something out of my control dictate whether or not I compete or not.

Long story short, I’m not backing down from whatever this Crossfit season throws my way… Handstand walks, strict hspu, max lifts, whatever it is I will be ready. Crossfit has never let me down and I’m definitely¬†never going to let Crossfit down. Today, February 29th, I found that spark, that fire, that drive… The one that was missing for a couple months… I got it back. I’m never letting it go. This is my year! I encourage everyone to make this YEAR your BEST year yet! Stay confident in everything you do :) Always remember that you’re stronger than what you let yourself believe.. We all are!

Best Regards,

Dani xoxo

True Form Runner